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Puente Nacional

Puente Nacional is the head of the homonymous municipality, located in the state of Veracruz in Mexico. The municipality borders with those of Actopan, La Antigua, Paso de Ovejas,Úrsulo Galván and the Port of Veracruz. This municipality was born by decree on October 25,1892, in which it is ordered that the municipal seat should have been established in El Crucero. It is said that the powers were in different congregations among which are Chichicaxtle as municipal seat and although the palace has the date of 1911, it is only by decree of the year 1938 when it is finally settled in Puente Nacional.

This jurisdiction has an area of ​​133.13 km², a figure that represents a total of 0.46% of the state and is communicated by the federal highways 140 Veracruz-Puebla via Xalapa and 180 Veracruz-Tampico, in addition to the secondary federal highway Huatusco-Conejos, connecting with the central-mountainous area of ​​the state, interacting with several dirt gaps that communicate the interior of the municipality with the municipal seat. The government of General Lázaro Cárdenas del Río built the Mexico-Xalapa-Veracruz national highway, giving the town of Puente Nacional an enviable communication when the road passes through its territory. The municipality presents a warm climate in most of the year, presenting an average temperature range of 20°C - 26°C and an annual rainfall range of 900 to 1600 mm, suitable for the development of livestock and agriculture, being the main regional products Serrano Chile, Maradol type papaya and sugarcane. The municipality is crossed by the river Los Pescados and its tributaries, which is a tributary of the Antigua River, ideal for practicing sports such as rafting or canoeing.

The territory comprised by the current municipality had great importance during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, as it passed through the royal road that connected the city and port of Veracruz with Mexico City. The outline of this communication route was taken up by later roads and maintains an intense transit by local and national visitors. The railroad also crosses this municipality since the 19th century.