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Medellín is one of the municipalities of the Mexican state of Veracruz of Ignacio de la Llave, which is part of the Metropolitan Zone of Veracruz, and whose municipal seat is the town of Medellín. Political limits. North: Veracruz. South: Tlalixcoyan. East: Boca del Río and Alvarado. West: Manlio Fabio Altamirano and Jamapa. Hydrography. It is watered by the Jamapa and Cotaxtla rivers. Orography. The municipality is located in the central zone of the State, within the Sotavento Plains. Weather. Its climate is hot-humid-extreme with an average temperature of 25.3°C. Its average annual rainfall is 1,417.8 mm. Flora. The ecosystems that coexist in the municipality are the evergreen forest with oaks. Wildlife.

In the municipality develops a fauna composed of populations of armadillos, squirrels, rabbits, opossums, weasels, skunks, birds and reptiles.