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The municipality of Ixcatepec is located in the northern area of ​​the state of Veracruz in the region called the Huasteca Baja, it is one of the 212 municipalities of the state. It is located at coordinates 21°14 "north latitude and 98°00" west longitude, and has a height of 200 meters above sea level. The municipality comprises 56 localities in which 12,664 people live, it is a municipality categorized as Rural. Its limits are: North: Chontla. South: Chicontepec and Tepetzintla. East: Chontla. West: Tantoyuca. Ixcatepec has an extremely hot and dry climate in extreme with long periods of drought.

The municipality of Ixcatepec celebrates its traditional carnival in the month of February, on days 5 to 16 and also has its celebrations to the Virgin of the Assumption in the month of August.