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Chocamán, is a Mexican municipality, located in the area of ​​the great mountains, on the edge of the mountainous mountain range of the Sierra Madre Oriental and in the southern part of the mountainous region of the state of Veracruz. Tradition has it that King Man was a character who, seeing his people in flames, during the Mexica conquest, retreated to Mount Tlanchinoltepel to mourn, while his subjects exclaimed "Master choca man": meaning no longer cry, Man. Hence from where the name is derived. In 1831 it was a municipality that was limited to Coscomatepec, Tomatlán, San Andrés Chalchicomula, Córdoba and Atzácan. By decree of December 18,1958, the town of Chocamán rises to the category of Villa.

The majority of the population of Chocamán is of catholic religion, reason why it can be inferred that great part of its morality is based on this religion. It is also possible to find temples of other religions.