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Coyutla, formerly known as CALIXAXAN, which in its Totonac indigenous dialect means "PLACE OF SIX HOUSES" is a Mexican municipality located in the northern area of ​​the state of Veracruz, in the region called Totonacapan, it is one of the 212 municipalities of the state. It is located at coordinates 20°15 "north latitude and 97°39" west longitude, and at an altitude of 160 meters above sea level. The municipality consists of 40 localities in which 30,843 people live. It limits to the north with Puebla, to the south with Coxquihui, Chumatlán and Mecatlán, to the east with Coatzintla and Espinal and to the west with Filomeno Mata and State of Puebla.

Coyutla has its celebrations on November 30 in which the patron saint festivities are held in honor of San Andrés. This festival allows a good approach of the communities and residents mainly due to the fact that a variety of dances are performed, among which the so-called La Malinche stands out.