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Valle de Bravo

Valle de Bravo is a Mexican population of the State of Mexico, located 156 km southwest of Mexico City. His Spanish foundation was in 1530 by Franciscan friars. It receives its name by San Francisco del Valle and by General Don Nicolás Bravo. It was named a typical city in 1971 and a magical town in 2005. The municipality has an artificial dam called "Presa Miguel Alemán or Presa Valle de Bravo", popularly called "lagoon or lake", was created in 1947 as part of the Hydroelectric System "Miguel Alemán" of the Hydrological Region, Río Balsas.

The hydroelectric system is no longer in operation, however, at present, the mechanism is part of the Cutzamala Hydraulic System, in charge of the National Water Commission, which is responsible for supplying the city's metropolitan area with potable water. Mexico and Toluca. This dam that occupies the territory where was the plain of the valley and part of the old town, is essential for the population as it generates economic benefits because it is a tourist attraction where water activities and extreme sports are carried out, and as a whole it forms with the town Colonial style located high in the mountains ecosystem harmony, which provides an aesthetic delight to its visitors. The town obtained international fame because next to it, in the settlement of Tenantongo, the automotive event Circuito Avándaro took place in the sixties and the massive concert Rock Festival and Ruedas Avándaro in 1971.