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Toluca de Lerdo is a Mexican city, head of the homonymous municipality and capital of the State of Mexico. Toluca 2015 0873536 &&&&&&&&& computing.&&&&& 0873 536 inhabitants and a metropolitan area in 2014 &&&&&&&& 02,152,150.&&&&& 02,152,150, making it the fifth most populated area in Mexico. It is mainly an industrial city, conurba with Metepec, one of the richest municipalities in the country. The Toluca Valley has a high-level infrastructure base.

Its airport is considered as the first option to relieve the city of Mexico and soon an interurban train will be built with an average speed of 90 kilometers per hour that will connect Toluca with Mexico City, and is 66 kilometers away to the east with the Valley of Mexico, formed by the City of Mexico. Mexico and its metropolitan area. Thanks to citizen pressure that promotes urban cycling and the agreement that was signed with the UN, in the metropolitan area of ​​Toluca will begin to build a network of bikeways for the use and respect of the bicycle as a means of sustainable mass transport. Its tourist attractions are many because of the great cultural and artistic heritage that has kept alive the union of Spanish and indigenous culture. It highlights their traditional portals, botanical garden Cosmovitral, the picturesque town of Metepec and multiple parks, museums, cultural centers and events among which the Alfeñique Fair stands out, on the occasion of the annual Day of the Dead festival, and the Toluca International Film Festival.

Toluca is located at 2,600 meters above sea level, being the highest capital city of Mexico and North America, which makes it temperate throughout the year with average temperatures ranging between 6 and 25 degrees Celsius during spring and summer, and -5 to 20 degrees Celsius in winter. Its climate is temperate subhumid with rains in summer. Its altitude favors the practice of high performance sport.