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Malinalco, is located south of the city of Toluca de Lerdo and 52 km from the city of Cuernavaca. In terms of transfer time, it is located one hour from Mexico City starting from the Toluca Toll booth via La Marquesa. It was first an important settlement of the Matlazinca people, later dominated by the Mexica. It is one of the smallest municipalities of the State of Mexico and its municipal seat bears the same name.

In the history of Mexico, its importance and fame is due to the fact that there are two centers of religious historical interest: first, because in its head there is a unique Mexica sanctuary carved in the stone of the hill, and that is a spectacular example of Mexican ritual architecture. In second place, there is also the Sanctuary of Chalma, one of the most important religious pilgrimage centers of Mexican Catholicism. Currently serves as a human settlement dedicated to agriculture and tourism, for its tropical climate and its historical monuments is a town that attracts visitors all year, but also arrive at the place people who have rest homes during the weekends. This municipality is also a magical town of the State of Mexico.