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Ixtlahuaca is one of the 125 municipalities of the State of Mexico, has mainly urban communities and an area of ​​337,188 km² and whose municipal seat is the city of Ixtlahuaca de Rayón one of the main trade centers of the region, this municipality has seen historical events as The Battle of Ixtlahuaca, episode of the Mexican War of Reform, took place on September 18,1858 in this municipality between forces of the Liberal Army and forces of the Conservative Army.

As well as the execution of Francisco López Rayon at the beginning of 1815, this municipality was also the birthplace of various illustrious and important figures such as General Manuel Mondragón who was a Mexican military officer, Artillero graduated and professor of the Military College in 1880, who designed a cannon of 70 mm, a carbine and the so-called Fusil Mondragón, as well as José Donaciano Morales and Mier Altamirano who was a chemist, pharmacist and Mexican professor. The municipality limits to the north with San Felipe del Progreso and Jocotitlán. To the south with Temoaya and Almoloya de Juárez. To the east with Jocotitlán, Jiquipilco and Temoaya. And to the west with Almoloya de Juárez and San Felipe del Progreso, according to the 2010 census it has a total population of 153,184 inhabitants.