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Córdoba is a Mexican city located on the edge of the mountainous mountain range of the Sierra Madre Oriental and in the southern part of the mountainous region of the state of Veracruz, it is the head of the municipality of Córdoba. Share together with Fortín a large area of ​​the province. In this city, historical events of national relevance took place, such as the consummation of the independence of Mexico with the signing of the Treaties of Córdoba. Next to this zone the Mesoamerican city of Toxpan was located, of the culture of the Olmec ones, that in the actuality is in restoration, and that today is nailed in the Cordovan colony of the same name.

Córdoba is a commercial city where some large local investment companies have their residence. However, some of these large companies are owned by groups of immigrants who arrived during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The city is well connected with the capital of the republic and the port of Veracruz by highways and free roads. Most of the population of Córdoba belongs to the Catholic religion. The city is the seat of the Diocese of Córdoba, as well as having a large number of parishes and chapels in many of its colonies. There are also a diversity of temples from other aspects of Christianity.