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Cerro Azul

Cerro Azul is a municipality in the state of Veracruz, in the Mexican Republic. It belongs to the northern area of ​​the state, in the region of the Huasteca Baja, approximately 40 km from the Gulf of Mexico, at the height of Tamiahua lagoon, at km 60 of highway 180, known as "Tuxpan-Tampico". Cerro Azul is relatively close to the ports of Tuxpan and Tampico. The municipality that extends for an area of ​​more than 91 km². It borders to the north with the municipality of Tancoco, to the southeast with the municipality of Temapache, to the east with the municipality of Tamiahua and to the southwest with the municipality of Tepetzintla, municipality to which it belonged before the year 1963.

The main activities are livestock and the oil.