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Acula is a locality and municipality of the Mexican state of Veracruz located in the central coastal zone, known as the Leeward Plains, at the coordinates 18°30 'north latitude and 95°46' west longitude. It limits to the northeast with Alvarado, to the east with Tlacotalpan, to the southeast with Amatitlán, to the southwest with Ixmatlahuacan. It belongs to the region called "Papaloapan low basin". Its approximate distance by road to the state capital is 230 km. To the south east. Its surface is 192.47 Km2. Figure that represents a total 0.26% of the State. Its climate is hot-humid with an average temperature of 30°C. Its average annual rainfall is from 2000 to 3000 mm and an evaporation of 1,592 mm.

The prevailing winds are the so-called hot and dry south winds, as well as cyclonic winds. The ecosystems that coexist in the municipality are the high and medium tropical perennial forest with species of chicozapote, mahogany and puctle. In the municipality develops a fauna composed of populations of armadillos, rabbits, raccoons, gophers, birds and reptiles. In terms of agricultural production in the municipality of Acula corn, beans and rice are harvested, other crops in the region are: water coconut, mango, sugar cane. There are 98 rural production units with forest activity in 3,500.00 hectares, equivalent to 18.18%, mainly mangrove areas and small reforestation. Corn, potatoes, plums, apples, pear and peron and other vegetables and legumes.