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San Francisco Tetlanohcan

San Francisco Tetlanohcan is a municipality of approximately 10,000 inhabitants, located 20 minutes from the city of Tlaxcala. The language that was spoken among the inhabitants is Nahuatl, currently only few people speak it, adjacent to the following populations: to the south with Teolocholco and Acxotla del Monte, to the north with Muñoztla, to the west with Tlaltelulco and to the east with La Malinche. This municipality is divided into three neighborhoods: Dolores Aquiahuac, Jesús Xolalpan and Santa Cruz Matlacahuacan. The occupation of its inhabitants is varied, there are people who are dedicated to transport, others are workers, masons and entrepreneurs from the same community that have construction industries, snacks and recycling.

There are also a considerable number of basic education teachers among its inhabitants. It has excellent road communication with the municipalities of Chiautempan, Teolocholco, Tlaxcala. In this municipality, the Agricultural Technological Baccalaureate is located.