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The Municipality of San Damián Texoloc is one of the 60 municipalities that make up the Mexican state of Tlaxcala, its capital being the homonymous city. Its Homonymous City, the only town in the municipality was founded since the Prehispanic Era and was elevated to a municipality on September 27,1995, previously belonged to the municipality of Santa Isabel Tetlatlahuca. It is located in the State of Tlaxcala at 2260.0 meters above sea level. In the locality they inhabit 2553 men and 2579 women. The ratio of women to men is 1.0101841. The fertility rate of the female population is 2.51 children per woman. The percentage of illiteracy among adults is 3.15% and the level of schooling is 8.54.

In San Damián Texoloc, 0.49% of adults speak an indigenous language. In the town there are 1188 homes, of which 3.32% have a computer. According to the geostatistical information of the National Institute of Statistics and Geography, the municipality of San Damián Texóloc covers an area of ​​10,180 square kilometers, which represents 0.26 percent of the total state territory, which amounts to 3,987,943 square kilometers. Its main activities are based on milk production and agriculture.