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La Magdalena Tlaltelulco is one of the 60 municipalities that make up the state of Tlaxcala within the United Mexican States. The municipality was one of the last to be founded in the state of Tlaxcala since 1995, its territory having previously belonged to the municipality of Chiautempan. On the Mexican Central High Plateau at 2,320 meters above sea level, the municipality of La Magdalena Tlaltelulco is located on an axis of geographic coordinates between 19 degrees 16 minutes 33 seconds north latitude and 98 degrees 11 minutes 38 seconds west longitude.

According to the geostatistical information of the National Institute of Statistics, Geography and Informatics, the municipality of La Magdalena Tlaltelulco covers an area of ​​14 230 square kilometers, which represents 0.35 percent of the total state territory, which amounts to 3 987 943 square kilometers. Located in the metropolitan area ApizacoTlaxcala, in the center of the state, bordering on the east side of the capital city of Tlaxcala, south of Santa Ana Chiautempan who became independent to go on to make a municipality of that entity, in addition to San Francisco Tetlanocan and Sta and Isabel Xiloxotla. Split in half by the Vía corta Sta. Ana-Puebla highway, and scarcely two hours from the CD MX., And the Puebla Veracruz railroad.