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Contla de Juan Cuamatzi

Contla de Juan Cuamatzi is one of the 60 municipalities in the state of Tlaxcala, located to the center of the state approximately 8 kilometers from the city of Tlaxcala de Xicohténcatl. The name comes in two meanings, which are: from the Nahuatl word comitl which means vessel and integrates with the ending tla that is interpreted as "place of pots or place of pots". The municipality is also known as San Bernardino Contla, this is because it is allusive to the patron saint of this town, which in its meaning in Nahuatl means place of clay pots, the fair is celebrated on May 20 in honor of the patron saint of San Bernardino de Siena.* Contla had the original name coatlan.

When the Spaniards arrive, Change for the San Diego Xicometepetl. Contla has two more villages: El de Tlacatecpa and Tepeneca, which also have a religious civic center. It is affirmed that in Contla worship was rendered to HUEHUETEOTL which means "old God of fire" who was later replaced by Camaxtli upon the arrival of the Spaniards. Other ideas that were imposed are Toci, and Tlalocytezcatlicueitl. It is said that in honor of them human sacrifices were made. Self sacrifices, in addition processions, and that in addition they had education for their inhabitants who included the Tepochcalli for the Plebeians and Calmecac for the children of the Nobles.

Tlaxcala was the entity in which the movement of the Mexican Revolution began and it was on May 26,1910, in the municipality of Contla, the first armed movement of the Mexican Revolution was created, which allowed to give homeland and freedom to all Mexicans. General Juan Cuamatzi López was born on June 24,1871 and died on February 26,1911. Like other caudillos, he was an enemy of re-election, he was against a president being elected twice in a row. Thus he joined the anti-re-election party. At present authorities of the municipality sent initiative to the state congress to be recognized as "Precursor of the Mexican Revolution" and that General Juan Cuamatzi Lopez is recognized for leading the first armed group of the Revolution in Mexico.