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Huamantla is the main city and head of the municipality of Huamantla, belonging to the Mexican state of Tlaxcala. According to the 2010 population and housing census carried out by the National Institute of Statistics and Geography, it has a population of 51,996 inhabitants, which makes it the second most populated city in the state, has an estimated population of 57 732 inhabitants for 2017, according to the National Population Council. Since August 14,2007 is recognized by the Ministry of Tourism of Mexico with the title of Magic Town.

It was founded on October 18,1534 by instructions of Antonio de Mendoza, under the name of San Luis Huamantla, during the US intervention, it was a strategic place for communication with the port of Veracruz, thus the US invading army took the city on October 8,1847, where the Battle of Huamantla took place. On August 12,1953, the city received the title of Heroica due to the actions undertaken in that battle, thanks to its location between Mexico City and Veracruz, the route of the Veracruz-Mexico route was constructed. That allowed to commercialize the local production as the agriculture and the cattle ranch that recovered their importance in the city. During the War of Reform, the capital of Tlaxcala was briefly moved to Huamantla by the conservative forces in 1858, in 1863 the city was taken by the French and the capital returned back to the city of Tlaxcala after the expulsion of these. Antonio Rodríguez Bocardo established in 1866 a political and military headquarters in Huamantla.

Huamantla is an important tourist center of the natural, cultural and religious sectors of the state, where social, cultural, historical, political, economic and commercial development has increased. In 2014, the city received recognition for the improvement and protection of natural resources granted by the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources. It is located in the Oriente-Huamantla region, also called the Gran llano de Huamantla, on the Neovolcanic axis, 2,500 meters above sea level, making it one of the highest cities in Mexico. It is only 45 km east of the state capital, 74 km from the city of Puebla, 165 km from Mexico City and 507 km from Acapulco.