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Ures is a city in the State of Sonora in Mexico. It is located in the center of the State and its head is the population of Ures and adjoins to the north with Aconchi, to the east with Villa Pesqueira, to the south with Mazatán, to the west with Hermosillo and San Miguel de Horcasitas, to the northeast with Baviácora and to the northwest with Rayón. The municipality has a territorial extension of 2618.56 km² that represents 1.41 percent of the state total, and 0.13 percent of the national. It has a population density of 27 hab./km².

It includes the towns of San Rafael, Santa Rosalía, El Seguro, Guadalupe de Ures, La Estancia, El Sauz, El Huahui, Pueblo de Álamos, Ures -with this municipal seat-, San Pedro, Rancho Viejo, Puerta del Sol, Santiago and Ranchito de Aguilar. Its population is mainly dedicated to agriculture and livestock, also to a recent expanding forestry activity, to the industry of sugarcane derivatives, milk ham industry, local commerce, and recently tourist hostels.