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Carbó is a Mexican town located in the center of the state of Sonora, the town is head and the most inhabited town of the municipality of Carbó. According to data from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography, in 2010 Carbó had 4,516 inhabitants, being one of the smallest and least populated municipal capitals of the state. It was founded in the year of 1888 when the construction of a railroad in the center of the state began, in its first years of foundation it worked as a small supply station, since there goods were stored that left the mines of the regions neighbors of Rayón, Opodepe and the San Miguel river valley.

It was given the name in honor of the Oaxacan José Guillermo Carbó, who in 1878 was head of arms in Sonora. It is located 82.3 km north of Hermosillo state capital, 211 km south of the border city of Heroica Nogales on the border with the United States, and 390 km southeast of the port city of Peñasco.