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For the capital city of this municipality, see Heroica Caborca. The Municipality of Caborca ​​is one of the 72 municipalities that make up the Mexican state of Sonora. It is located in the northwest area of ​​the entity in the Sonoran desert region. Account with 341 localities within its territory, its municipal head and most inhabited locality is the city of Heroica Caborca, while others important are The Greek Y, The Diamond, The Coyote, Desemboque, Puerto Lobos and San Francisquito. The municipality was decreed as such in 1890. According to the intercensal survey of 2015 conducted by the National Institute of Statistics and Geography, the municipality has a total population of 81,309.

It has a territorial extension of 10,721.84 km², which makes it the third municipality more extensive of the state, and the 18th of the country. Its Gross Domestic Product per capita is USD 10 388 and its human development index is 0.8356. Like most of the municipalities of Sonora, the name was given by its municipal seat.