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Jamiltepec is a Mexican town located in Oaxaca, in the south of the state and the country. It is characterized by having a coastal relief, warm climate, its orography is located in the mountains are mined gold and silver. Its population is composed of indigenous groups, mostly. It has 2 sundials located in the park, in front of these is the Catholic Church built by Dominicos. His Church is the most beautiful in the town, and his watches are unique throughout the coast. In Nahuatl, the word Jamiltepec means "Cerro de Adobe", in Mixteco Jamiltepec it is called "Casandoo" and two meanings and etymologies of a very different nature are attributed to the word.

Casandoo could be decomposed into "Casa" "Ndoo", which in Mixteco means adobe, the first word "Casa" in Spanish, the second "Ndoo" is Mixtec. Together they mean adobe house. The origin of Jamiltepec is surrounded by myths, so it is difficult to distinguish reality from fantasy. Legend has it that Casando`o, a Mixtec sovereign, began to have disputes with several rebels from the Mixtec region. Due to the intrigues of these groups, the separation between Casando'o and the king of Tututepec was inevitable. Thanks to the above, he began to erect temples and houses, using stone and adobe as building material. It is said that he enjoyed a good name in front of the townspeople.

It was there when he fell in love with a young woman who, two years later, would give birth to a son who would receive the name of Jamilli, in memory of the constructions of the town. Unfortunately, a golden eagle snatched the child from the wet nurse and flew to the east. Casando'o sent his men in search of the eagle. They located it too late, because at the foot of a large tree the boy's watered blood was found, the eagle had devoured it. This is how Casndo'o ordered his people to move to this place, where houses of adobe and stone were built and he was named the kingdom of Jamiltepec, in memory of his son. Legend has it that where the current church is located, the remains of the small Jamilli were found. This legend places the Jamiltepec foundation as contemporaneous with the conquest.

On the other hand, many elders of Jamiltepec trace the origin of their town to the first years that followed the conquest. One of them relates: a tall man came, güero, came to speak, teach in Castilian. He was a representative of Mexico. So all of Yucuchacua came to listen and stayed to live here. Then they made the church.