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San Juan Cacahuatepec is a population of over 4,000 inhabitants. It is the municipal seat of the municipality of San Juan Cacahuatepec, it is the municipality 185 of the 570 of the Mexican state of Oaxaca, cradle of the singer of international fame Álvaro Carrillo. Cacahuatepec, without a doubt, is one of the coastal towns that has achieved remarkable prosperity in the last 25 years, without forgetting, of course, that in other times it was also a pilot town with great commercial and economic influence between coastal communities and cities such as Puebla de los Ángeles and Acapulco, thanks to its airstrip.

In addition, it was a community that had electric lights many years before other towns, which are currently important strategic points for trade and livestock. The highlight of the town is that it has had an evident development in various aspects such as culture, socially and, why not say, political activity. The town is one of the most picturesque, which still preserves the memories of its cobbled streets, the history of its schools that gave culture to many young people of the region.