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San Francisco Ixhuatán is a town in the state of Oaxaca, in Mexico, its name means Place next to the leaves. It is known that by the year 1826, Ixhuatán was already recognized as an ejido of San Francisco del Mar, and became municipal capital in 1886. Following various political and administrative conflicts, it was separated in 1926, forming since then a independent municipality. It currently has 9050 inhabitants. It is located south of Oaxaca. It has the coordinates 94°29 'west longitude and 16°21' north latitude, at a height of 10 meters above sea level. The area is 406.99 square kilometers, and the most important hills in the region are the Turtle Hill and Las Culebras.

Among its flora, natural grasslands and trees such as the Guanacaste and the totoposte stand out. As for fauna, there are hares, rabbits, armadillos and quails. In Ixhuatán the main activities are agriculture, livestock and fishing. This population has two institutions of upper secondary level. It has all the existing means of communication, means of transport and basic services. Ixhuatán, within its many attractions, adjoins the virgin beach Aguachil, which provides an unforgettable experience guaranteed for any explorer or native of the area. Town of which Tigres FC footballer Javier Aquino is Original.