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Magdalena Tequisistlán is a town belonging to the State of Oaxaca in Mexico. The name of Tequisistlán has the meaning "place in sight of the Tequezquite" and which is composed of the derivation of the Nahuas tequisquitl "tequesquite" and tlan "next to" or "between" and the initial name of Magdalena was placed for honor the patron saint of the town. Located southeast of the state of Oaxaca, within the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, Magdalena Tesiquistlán was founded in the year of 1410.

Among the towns adjacent to this municipality, we can find Santa María Totolapilla, San Pedro Huamelula, Santa María Ecatepec, Najapa de Madero, Santa Maria Jalapa del Marqués, San Miguel Tenango and Santo Domingo Tehuantepec, having as a distance the capital of the state of Oaxaca of 203 km. Regarding the historical monuments that account this municipality, we can find the temple of Santa María Magdalena which dates from the year 1884. As for the traditions practiced by the community of Magdalena Tequisistlán, there are popular festivals which are celebrated on July 20 and 24 in honor of the patron saint of the place, Santa María Magdalena en where religious activities and fireworks are carried out. Likewise, sports tournaments and popular dances of the region are also held. The organization of its city council consists of a municipal president, a trustee, three regidores that are hacienda, health and works, as well as a secretary and a municipal treasurer who develop as administrative assistants.