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Salinas Victoria

Salinas Victoria, city of the Mexican state of Nuevo León, located at 25°58 'north latitude and 100°18' west longitude, in the central region of the state or region of the Gulf, 32 km northwest of the capital Monterrey, and a height of 464 m above sea level. It borders 11 municipalities: to the north with Villaldama and Sabinas Hidalgo. To the south with General Escobedo and Apodaca. To the east with Higueras, Ciénega de Flores and General Zuazua and to the west with Mina, Hidalgo, Abasolo and El Carmen, its territory measures 1,334.20 square kilometers. Its population according to the 2010 INEGI census is 32,625 inhabitants. It was named Salinas for its salty soils and Victoria in honor of General Guadalupe Victoria.