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Hualahuises, is a municipality of the state of Nuevo Leon, Mexico, located 120 km southeast of the capital of the same, Monterrey, on the national road No.85, and whose coordinates are 24'53º N and 99'40º W. It has a extension of 243 km². It is the only municipality in the country in which its cardinal points indicate towards the same geographic location Linares, that is, Hualahuises limits to the north, to the south, to the east and to the west with Linares. It is a small town, of approximately 6500 inhabitants.

Previously it was known as Villa de San Cristóbal de Hualahuises or Villa de San Cristóbal de Gualahuises, derived from the name used by the natives who inhabited the region at the arrival of the Spaniards, the Gualagüís Indians. The foundation of the town dates from the year of 1646 by Martín de Zavala, under the name of Mission of San Cristóbal de Gualahuises. Given its Culture, Rooted customs, Traditions, Gastronomy and Natural landscapes that are in our municipality, at the foot of the Sierra Madre Oriental, as well as being a purely handmade town, where they are manufactured from a Trompo to a saddle, was nominated as a candidate for a magical town in 2015. The hanging bridges hidden among the treetops crossing over the Hualahuises River, print the image of this cheerful and enthusiastic people.

The Bridge of the Town that communicates the helmet of Hualahuises with the district of Santa Rosa measures approximately 90 meters and is the unique means of communication possible in time of floods of the Hualahuises river. Traditional Mexican toys are made such as: spinning top, yoyo, bear, baseball bats, likewise saddles, saddles, reins whips, fourths and bridles. At one time baseball gloves were exported to the Major League Baseball of the United States of America. Honey and citrus fruits such as: orange, tangerine and grapefruit are typical products of the orchards between Hualahuises and Linares. The Hualahuises River that crosses the town, is born in the Sierra Madre Oriental and flows into the Cerro Prieto Dam, which is an important source of potable water supply for Hualahuises and Monterrey. This river, like many of the region, is bordered by impressive galleries of sabinos. The ahuehuete, Mexican cypress or sabino is a species native to North America and also of alamos.

Ahuehuete comes from the Nahuatl meaning "old water tree" because it abounds along the margins of the rivers. It is a long-lived tree that can reach up to two thousand years and is widely used for ornamental purposes.