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Galeana is a municipality of Nuevo León. Belongs to the 26 local electoral district and 9 federal electoral. It has a territorial extension of 7,154.6 km². Being the largest in territorial extent in the state. It borders to the north with the municipality of Rayones and the state of Coahuila, to the south with the municipalities of Aramberri and Doctor Arroyo, to the east with the municipalities Rayones, Linares and Iturbide and to the west with the states of Coahuila and San Luis Potosí. The eastern half of the municipality is in the region of the sierra, and the western half in the highland. Most of the territory is above 1,600 meters high.

The main peak is Cerro El Potosí, with an altitude of 3,713 meters above sea level. It has only one river of permanent course, this is the "Rio Pablillo" which in its cause before leaving the municipality crosses the ejido Rio de San Jose to go to the Cerro Prieto dam in Linares, Nuevo León. What do exist are some lagoons and small dams. Thanks to the Sierra Madre Oriental, which dominates most of its territory, the climate is varied according to the altitude and humidity resulting from the orientation of the mountains, while in the altiplano it is desert. Throughout the year the climate is extreme, the summers are long, dry and hot, with cold nights. The winters are short but intense, cold and dry with freezing nights and gales.

Galeana was the birthplace of Mariano Escobedo, a Republican general, a hero of the War of Reform and of the French Intervention. He was born on January 16,1826, there he received elementary education and was devoted to agriculture.