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Bustamante is a municipality of Mexico in the state of Nuevo León that has 27 locations. It takes the name of Bustamante, although in its foundation it had by name San Miguel de Aguayo of the New Tlaxcala. The Municipality has a territorial extension of 558 km². The name "San Miguel" is in honor of the Marquis of San Miguel de Aguayo and "Bustamante" the military Anastasio Bustamante, who was president of the Mexican Republic. The municipality borders on the north with Lampazos de Naranjo and Coahuila, on the south and west with Mina and on the east with Villaldama. It is located 119 km from the city of Monterrey on the Colombia highway.

Due to the Spanish interest in mining, Tlaxcalteca Indians were brought, who settled and built their traditional red and white houses, also made a Christ made of corn paste, known as "The Lord of Tlaxcala", which It is considered one of the treasures of the people. Bustamante is one of the three Magic Towns of Nuevo León next to Linares and Santiago.