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Also known as Tepic de Nervo, it is the capital of the Mexican state of Nayarit and the capital of the homonymous municipality. It is the largest and most populated city in the state, according to data from INEGI obtained thanks to the population census of 2015 with 471 000. Together with Xalisco, the population figure including its metropolitan area amounts to 521 000 inhabitants in an area of 2274 km², the 31st in the country. It is located a little over 750 km from the capital of the country, Mexico City.

As the capital of the state, Tepic De Nervo is the seat of the three powers of the entity, and concentrates the headquarters of the municipal council, currently the XL Constitutional City Council of Tepic, body responsible for governing and managing the resources of the entire municipality and its headquarters, the city. It was founded in 1531 by Nuño de Guzmán calling it Villa del Espíritu Santo of Greater Spain, later changing its name to Santiago de Compostela, being recognized as the capital of the province of Nueva Galicia within the territory of New Spain.