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Rosamorada, is a municipality of the State of Nayarit. It has an area of ​​almost 2000 km² and a population of 34,393 inhabitants, showing a gradual decrease since 1980 when the population was 34,695. The majority of its population is rural, the main settlements are Rosamorada with 3,393 inhabitants. Saint Vincent with 4,556. The Pericos with 2,441. Chilapa with 2,277. Pimientillo with 1,824 and El Tamarindo with 1,544. It limits to the north with the municipalities of Tecuala and Acaponeta, to the west with Santiago Ixcuintla, to the south with Tuxpan and Ruiz, to the east with Ruiz and El Nayar. The economy is mainly agricultural, with the main crops being beans, chili, rice, melon and watermelon.

There is also an important fishing and shrimp activity in the lagoons adjacent to the Pacific Ocean. The most important lagoons that the municipality has are Pescadero and Agua Brava, the latter being the most important in the state.