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Ixtlán del Río is a municipality located in the southeast of the State of Nayarit. It has been called the door of our State, since every traveler who goes to any point of the northwest, or travels to the center of the Republic, passes through this city. To the north it borders the municipality of Jala, to the northwest with La Yesca, serving as the natural boundary of the Santiago. To the east and southeast with the state of Jalisco, being largely between Jalisco and Ixtlán del Río the San Antonio creek. To the southwest it limits with the municipality of Amatlán de Cañas and to the west with Ahuacatlán.

The municipality of Ixtlán occupies the 17th place in the territorial extension of Nayarit, with about 550 square kilometers. Also, the municipality has a considerable population to its size with a little more than thirty thousand inhabitants, occupying the 12th place in population at the state level. The municipality is made up of the relief of the Ixtlán Valley, delimited by the Sierra de San Pedro to the north and the Sierra de Pajaritos to the south.