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Tumbiscatío is one of the 113 municipalities of the State of Michoacán de Ocampo. The municipal head is the homonymous Tumbiscatío de Ruiz and is located in the southwestern part of the State, in the so-called Sierra Michoacana region at an altitude of 935 meters above sea level, it is also an area with a very varied relief, therefore also the climate of the region It is very varied, ranging from the warm semi-dry, to the temperate coniferous forests. In Tumbiscatío there is a great variety in terms of flora and fauna, and also of the best preserved in the State, so it is necessary to form conservation projects. The inhabitants of the municipality is Tumbiscatillense.

The population is mainly agricultural and livestock, although on a smaller scale also forestry and merchant. A factor also to be taken into account is that part of its population is a temporary migrant to EE. UU. Among the attractions of the municipality we can point out: the church of Guadalupe and the hill of the cross in the municipal seat. Also its mountainous relief-highlights the emblematic hill of the needle and the small beach, not forgetting its streams and streams as the Tuscan River.