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Tacámbaro is a municipality located in Mexico, in the state of Michoacán. In 2010, it had 76,661 inhabitants. Its municipal head is the city Tacámbaro de Codallos, which is located 55 kilometers southeast of Patzcuaro, Michoacán. It has 25,665 inhabitants, according to the results of the population and housing census 2010. Its name means "place of palm trees". The place bears the surname of General Juan José Codallos, who fought in the locality in favor of federalism. The city of Tacámbaro is surrounded by forests and has a temperate climate, reason why it is considered like "the balcony of hot earth".

One of the most visited sites is the Sanctuary of the Virgin of Fatima, famous for its 4 paintings with images of the refugee virgins, the queens of Poland, Hungary, Lithuania and Cuba. It also has a replica of the Holy Sepulcher. Other outstanding religious temples are the Cathedral of San Jerónimo built between 1538 and 1570, which gave rise to another construction, the Augustinian Convent where its old cloister is used as a Municipal Palace, also in Tacámbaro the first mixed rural norm school of all America was founded Latina Visitors can also enjoy its vast ecotourism area such as the Magdalena lagoon, a natural reservoir, the hollow hill, a forested area designated as a protected natural area and the Alberca, which is one of the three volcanic craters filled with water with which Michoacán account. Its cuisine is considered one of the best in Michoacán.

On April 11,2011, the city of Tacámbaro received from the state congress in solemn session on the esplanade Nicolás de Régules, the appointment of Ciudad Heroica, 146 years after the heroic deed of General Nicolás de Régules and in 2012 it received the distinction as "Magic Town".