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Los Reyes de Salgado is the head town of Los Reyes municipality, in the state of Michoacán de Ocampo, Mexico. The City of Kings, was founded according to royal decree on May 12,1594. In 1837 it acquired the head of the western district. In 1859, the Kings were assigned the status of Villa, bearing the name "Villa de Salgado", in memory of the insurgent patriot Don José Francisco Trinidad Salgado Rentaría, originally from this place, who was also the first elected governor of the State.

On June 20,1950 he was granted the category of City with the name of "Los Reyes de Salgado, Michoacán." In the year of 1594 with the human material of San Gabriel, San Rafael, San Pedro Aquitzuato and San Pedro Petlacala, the town that the Franciscans named Los Santos Reyes or Los Tres Reyes, was founded as indistinctly it was called in the first years of its foundation.