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Paracho de Verduzco commonly known simply as Paracho, is the head of the indigenous municipality of Paracho, in the state of Michoacán, Mexico. It is an indigenous community of the Purepecha plateau rich in traditions, among them we can mention the handmade production of guitars and wooden articles, it also has a wide and varied gastronomy. It is a town famous for the manufacture of acoustic guitars, as it has workshops where quality guitars have traditionally been made with different woods, although "lauderos" also build other instruments, such as violins, double basses, mandolins, charangos, lauds, guitarrones, tricordios, requintos and a wide varity of other high quality musical instruments made with wood from different parts of the world.

In Paracho there are also a large number of artisans who manufacture by hand and in wood other items than musical instruments, such as toys, dining rooms, bookshelves, rooms, spoons, and a large number of furniture and kitchen utensils. The town center has a kiosk and a market where toys and food are sold. Paracho also has a house of culture, which was formerly a boarding school for children until the time of the Cristeros, which is under renovation, expanding and modernizing. In her they are realized every year, different exhibitions, exhibitions, workshops and all type of cultural event. During the International Guitar Fair, the house of culture of Paracho becomes the main venue for the different exhibitions and stalls selling handicrafts, not only from the Paracho itself, but also from towns throughout the surrounding region.