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Parácuaro is located in the State of Michoacán at an altitude of 600 meters above sea level. It has a temperate-warm transition climate, surrounded by the Sierra Madre del Sur, which favors the formation of multiple springs of fresh, crystalline water that form acequias., rivers, lakes and natural spas. The water from the springs is used in large volume for the supply of drinking water and agricultural irrigation throughout the municipality, also creating a beautiful environment of flora and fauna. Its history with the participation in the Mexican revolution of the native of Parácuaro Colonel Cenobio Moreno as well as having the pride of permanence in the hacienda of Tahuejo of the generalissimo Don José María Morelos in his adolescence for fourteen years.

The natural beauty with crystalline springs, the white of its adobe houses, the red of its roofs, its ecological cobbled streets, the past of its haciendas, mills and trapiches besides being the cradle of great artists of international stature such as: Juan Gabriel, Elpidia Carrillo, Mariana Seoane, Agustín Bernal and Maria Ilusión, among others, make it a tourist attraction with an influx of national and foreign visitors throughout the year.