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Jiquilpan de Juarez, the city of the Jacarandas, Jiquilpan is so called for its many trees of this species, is a Magic Town of unique personality. Its warm summers and intense rains from July to September prepare a landscape full of wild flora worthy of admiration. This Magical Town is located in the Ciénega of Lake Chapala and on the hill of Cerro de San Francisco, so the wooded landscape and large areas of cultivation is common. As the headquarters of electoral district IV at the local and federal level, and headquarters of different governmental instances of federal and state order, the city of Jiquilpan Magical Town is considered the political capital of the Ciénega de Chapala that corresponds to the state of Michoacán.

The city, is located 145 km from Guadalajara, 210 km from Morelia and 524 km from Mexico City, is located on the national road number 15 that joins Mexico City, Morelia, Guadalajara and Nogales. Also the national highway number 110 joins Jiquilpan with the city of Colima and the port of Manzanillo thus communicating with the Pacific Ocean coast. The inhabitants of this city are mainly engaged in activities such as: agriculture, livestock and the cultivation of vegetables. In addition, other services that are in Jiquilpan are those of commerce of diverse nature, medical, cultural, communications and gastronomic. Milk products are processed. There is the industry of tequila and craft mezcal.

For being a very old collective, protagonist of transcendental historical facts and rich in culture, in addition to retaining symbolic, architectural and natural attributes, the city of Jiquilpan was declared a Magical Town when it was registered in the federal program of Magical Towns on November 27 of 2012.