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Huetamo is one of the 113 municipalities that make up the state of Michoacán de Ocampo, in Mexico. It is located in the Tierra Caliente region. It limits to the north with Carácuaro and Tiquicheo, to the east with San Lucas, to the south with the State of Guerrero and to the west with Churumuco and Turicato. Its head is the city of Huetamo de Núñez that is almost a border with the state of Guerrero. It is near the Balsas River which divides these two states. Its surface is of 2063.688 Km² and represents 3.52% of the surface of the State.

According to the results of the II Population and Housing Count 2010, exercise corresponding to the National Institute of Statistics and Geography, the municipality of Huetamo had until that year a population of 41,937 inhabitants, of them, 19 839 were men and 21 400 were women.