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La Huacana

La Huacana is a municipality of the state of Michoacán. The ethimo is "Aguacana", a Chichimeca word that means "place of dresses". The municipality has about 32,700 inhabitants in its municipal seat. It is located 150 kilometers from Morelia and 75 kilometers from Apatzingán. It is located to the south of the State, in the coordinates 18º58 'of north latitude and 101º48' of west longitude, to a height of 480 meters on the level of the sea. It limits to the north with New Urecho and Ario de Rosales, to the east with Turicato, to the south with Churumuco and Arteaga, to the west with Múgica and Apatzingán. Its distance to the state capital is 161 km.

It has 1,951.91 km² and represents 3.32 percent of the total of the State.