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San Gabriel

San Gabriel is one of the municipalities that make up the Mexican state of Jalisco, is located in the south of the state, in the South Region, of which it is administrative center. It used to be called "Ciudad Venustiano Carranza". It borders to the north with the municipalities of Tapalpa and Sayula, in its southern part with Tolimán and Zapotitlán de Vadillo, to the east with Zapotlán el Grande, before Ciudad Guzmán, and Gómez Farías, and to the west with Tonaya and Tuxcacuesco. San Gabriel in the prehispanic era was called Amollan or Amole, which means "Land where the amole abounds", was part of the Kingdom of King Colima.

The name of San Gabriel takes it in colonial times in honor of San Gabriel, but in 1934 it changes its name to Venustiano Carranza, however in 1993 San Gabriel regains its original name.