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Valle de Chalco Solidaridad

Valle de Chalco Solidaridad, is a municipality of the State of Mexico, located in the valley of the old bed of Lake Chalco. It is located in the eastern region of said state. It has borders to the east with the Mexican municipalities of Chalco and Ixtapaluca, to the north with Los Reyes La Paz, to the west and south with the city of Tláhuac, belonging to Mexico City. It has 396,157 inhabitants after an intercensal census carried out in 2015, a population that is constantly growing as it is a peripheral area of ​​Mexico City.

It also belongs to the Metropolitan Zone of the Valley of Mexico conformed by the 16 delegations of the City of Mexico, 59 municipalities of the State of Mexico and 1 municipality of the state of Hidalgo, Tizayuca.