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Hueypoxtla or Villa de San Bartolomé Hueypoxtla is the municipal capital of Hueypoxtla, one of the municipalities of the State of Mexico in Mexico. It is an urban community and according to the 2010 census has a total population of 3989 inhabitants. The locality is located in the limits with the municipality of Tequixquiac, is connected with the populations of Tlapanaloya, White House, Jilotzongo and Santa Maria Caves. Formerly, in the prehispanic period it was an agricultural area and capital of the Tepaneca province of Hueypuchtla, an indigenous settlement of great importance for Tenochtitlán where the tributes of the neighboring towns subjugated by the Mexicas were collected.

The natural landscape of Hueypoxtla is relatively arid and was one of the populations of the area named by the Iberians as the Hills of Spain, during the viceregal period the economy of this population was agricultural and livestock, and was one of the places near the City from Mexico where the Spaniards planted excellent vineyards for wines of great quality, which by decree, were destroyed by the government of the viceroyalty so as not to increase production and could compete with peninsular Spain.