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Huehuetoca is one of the 125 municipalities of the State of Mexico, is located north of the Valley of Mexico, has an area of ​​118,853 km² and whose municipal seat is the homonymous population of Huehuetoca. It limits to the north with the state of Hidalgo and with the municipality of Tequixquiac. To the south with Coyotepec and Tepotzotlán. To the east with Tequixquiac, Zumpango and Coyotepec, and to the west with Tepotzotlán and the state of Hidalgo. According to the INEGI Population and Housing Census in 2010, it had a total population of 100,023 inhabitants. Huehuetoca was considered within the project of territorial ordering and urban management called Bicentennial Cities, the proliferation of houses caused the municipality to have a disorderly growth.