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Gustavo A. Madero

Gustavo A. Madero is one of the 16 mayors of Mexico City, named after a Mexican politician who participated in the Mexican Revolution and who was the brother of President Francisco I. Madero. It is the second most populous mayor of the city and was previously known as Tepeyac or Guadalupe Hidalgo. Around the 15th century, the Mexicas built the road that leads to Tepeyac, where they worshiped the goddess Tonantzin and where, a few years after the conquest, the Virgin of Guadalupe is venerated. The basilica is one of the most important religious centers in the world to which millions of parishioners go, especially every December 12.

From 1853, the demarcation was the municipality of Guadalupe Hidalgo until 1931, when it was renamed Villa Gustavo A. Madero. It has numerous sports centers, such as March 18, Oceania and Hermanos Galeana. Educational facilities, such as the College of Sciences and Humanities and the Zacatenco and Ticomán units of the IPN, and recreational facilities, such as the San Juan de Aragón Zoo.