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The Benito Juárez City Hall is one of the 16 territorial demarcations of Mexico City. It was created in the early forties, but took its territorial limits on December 29,1970. It is located in the central region of the city and occupies 26.63 km² at 2,232 meters above sea level. To the north, its neighboring municipalities are Miguel Hidalgo and Cuauhtémoc. To the west the mayor Álvaro Obregón, to the south the mayor of Coyoacán and Álvaro Obregón, and to the east the municipal governments of Iztacalco and Iztapalapa. The central position of the Benito Juárez city hall makes it a crossroads between the various areas of the city, therefore it has abundant communication channels. Its inhabitants coexist daily with two million visitors.

This large floating population benefits from the road and urban furniture of the region, and also contributes to the intense economic activity of the same, estimated in 2005 at 3,350 million dollars. Benito Juárez is the demarcation with the highest rate of human development in Mexico.