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Apaxco is one of the 125 municipalities in the State of Mexico and one of the 7 municipalities that make up the Zumpango Region. It is located in the north of the State of Mexico, bordering the State of Hidalgo. In this municipality, the Mezquital Valley watershed begins. Apaxco limits to the north with the Hidalgo municipalities of Ajacuba and Atotonilco de Tula, to the south with the municipality of Tequixquiac, to the southwest with the municipality of Huehuetoca, to the east with the municipality of Hueypoxtla and to the west with the Hidalgo municipality of Atotonilco de Tula.

The Aztec pilgrims celebrated the second new fire in this place and during the colony it was a strategic point for the evangelization of the Otomíes of the Mezquital Valley. In Apaxco it has developed from an early temporality as an industrial municipality due to the extraction of lime and stone for construction since the 19th century when the train that came from Mixquiahuala from Mexico City crossed. This municipality was segregated from the territory of Tequixquiac to be founded in the year of 1923, in the 20th century after the revolutionary management, Swiss entrepreneurs began the exploitation of stone for the manufacture of Portland cement, this municipality being one of Mexico's largest cities. Cuenca Cementera jointly with municipalities of the state of Hidalgo.