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Province of Palena

The province of Palena is a province of Chile, located in the extreme southeast of the Los Lagos Region. It has an area of ​​15 301.9 km² and has a population of 18 349 inhabitants according to the 2017 census. The province covers the territory known during the 20th century as Chiloé Continental due to its membership in the insular Province of Chiloé until 1976. It is the northernmost territory of Chilean Patagonia. The provincial capital is the town of Chaitén since the creation of the province in 1976.

Due to the eruption of the homonymous volcano and the evacuation of that locality, since May 9,2008 the provincial institutions temporarily operated in the town of Palena, During 2009 in Futaleufú, but finally in December 2010 the government decided to keep Chaitén as the provincial capital.