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Los Lagos Region

The Los Lagos Region is one of the sixteen regions in which the Republic of Chile is divided. Its capital is Puerto Montt. Located to the center-south of the country, it limits to the north with the Region of The Rivers, to the east with Argentina, to the south with the Region of Aysén and to the west with the Pacific Ocean. Its southeastern sector, which corresponds to the province of Palena, is located in Chilean Patagonia. It has an area of ​​48 584 km² and a projected population of 828 708 inhabitants in 2015. The region is composed of the provinces of Chiloé, Llanquihue, Osorno and Palena and the regional capital is the city of Puerto Montt.

Until October 2,2007, the Los Lagos region also included the former province of Valdivia, which was segregated on that date to form the current Los Ríos Region. Its main urban center is the Puerto Montt-Puerto Varas Conurbation with 290 480 inhabitants, followed by Osorno with 161 460 inhabitants.