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Province of Cañete

The province of Cañete is one of the ten provinces that make up the Department of Lima, under the administration of the Regional Government of Lima. Located to the extreme south western of said department, it limits by the north with the province of Lima and with the province of Huarochirí. On the east with the province of Yauyos. To the south with the Department of Ica. And on the west with the Pacific Ocean, with an important stretch of coastline. However, its continental articulation is favored by the fluvial axes of four important basins that fall in its territory and that, at the same time, are the nexus with the high Andean area.

This province was recognized in 1992 as Cradle and Capital of the Peruvian Black Art, by the Ministry of Industry, Foreign Trade, Tourism and Integration. Within the ecclesiastical division of the Catholic Church of Peru, belongs to the Prelature of Yauyos.