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Province of Concepción

The province of Concepción is one of the three provinces that make up the Biobío Region, which is located in the south central zone of Chile. It is the one that houses the majority of the regional population, as well as all the communes that make up the Great Conception. According to the Chilean census of 2018, its population is 2 037 414 inhabitants, it has an area of ​​3439 km² and its capital is the city of Concepción. In the province of Concepción is one of the most important industrial poles of the country, highlighting the fishing industry, forestry, steel and manufacturing, besides being the center of distribution of services in the region where it sits.

Its climate is a Mediterranean climate, rainy in winter and warm in summer. The stations are very marked. In the province, some of the most important universities in the country are located, such as the University of Concepción, the Universidad del Bío-Bío, and the Catholic University of the Santísima Concepción.